[photograph] For my birthday this year, I hatched a scheme. I told my Dad that all I wanted was a vacation [true] and asked for a small donation to cover the cost of a few nights at a B&B for me, Greg and my sister Kate. We imported Kate up from Somerville MA to my house via the Dartmouth Coach, and began our trip North to Morgan, Vermont in the Northeast Kingdom. I found a B&B there by Googling for "Northeast Kingdom", "lake" and "budget".

Since Morgan is in the middle of nowhere, we had two choices: a long meandering trip or a short direct trip. While the highways in Vermont are lovely with their lack of billboards and all, we opted for meandering in order to cross more towns off of my 251 list.

The trip we took up 102 in Vermont was detoured into New Hampshire for road construction. We saw this waterfall.

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