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The Blogger Breakfast was the first thing to do on Monday. I'm not sure what others were expecting but it was what I might call a media circus. I walked in, saw all the cameras and reporters, and walked right back out again until there were a few people I knew there. We got little plastic visors that say "first ever blogger at the DNC" or something like that. It was a strange event. Once we sat and ate -- and I had my last real meal of the day until 11 pm, something I hope not to repeat today -- we were treated to a parade of speakers including Howard Dean.

Dean talked for a while about community and the Internet and blogging as if he'd actually heard of it before this conference which, of course, he had. I lobbed him a question about what to do about the information poor which he had some good advice about. In Vermont apparently, they made it worth the telco's while with some "regulatory quid pro quo" if they'd wire the schools with broadband, something I hadn't known before.