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If you were not savvy enough to grab all this, you got a pass and an elastic to hold it to your neck with. You can notice a few things about this pass: it's good for one day only, it doesn't have my name, picture, retinal scan information, or fingerprint on it. I guess the reason they make you get a new one every day is to give you some incentive to not give the pass away, but let me be perfectly clear: you could give it away. Easily.

The only time my ID was checked against the list of authorized pass holders was when I got the pass.
I could go on, at this point, about all the security theater in the absence of some actual security. My sister and I had a lengthy conversation about the media passes and what it would take to make them much less give-away-able. Her take on the passes is that they are super fancy, but sort of like play money. Why do all this holographic two-sided fancy odd-sized printing and then not put someone's name on it? Or not make you show ID to get in to the building?