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Marker + duct tape + box + a bunch of like-minded folk = the really really democratic bazaar. I'm only sorry I didn't get more pictures of this, it was a nice event. Folk musicians, cars that run on vegetable oil, composting toilets, free food, Naderites, peaceniks, giant backbone sculptures, and a bunch of scruffy oddball folks who were both participating in and creating the event. And cops on horseback, lots of cops on horseback.

My big fear after all of this is over is that if there are no major terrorist events, that someone will declare all of this cop-presence, random searching, and high alert status to be somehow functional against it in the "See this rock? It keeps away tigers." vein.

The DNC, not surprisingly, is much more we-talk-you-listen, with a lot of fresh-scrubbed junior volunteers to give everything a veneer of youthful impetuousness.