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I work in a public library   book icon  
by Gina Sheridan (2014)

read: 21 November 2017
rating: [+]
categories: librariana, non-fiction

A collection of fun anecdotes ripped straight from Tumblr that was more entertaining and less problematic than I thought it would be.

Through the Woods   book icon  
by Emily Carroll (2014)

read: 17 November 2017
rating: [+]
categories: fiction, graphic novel

Really an exceptional graphic novel of very short horror fiction. Carroll has a real way of telling ominous stories that have a really subdued creepiness to them and she doesn’t shy away from showing you the full-on awfulness of some of the creepy things and in other cases just hinting art them.

The Best American Comics 2016   book icon  
by Roz Chast (2016)

read: 16 November 2017
rating: [+]
categories: fiction, graphic novel

I don’t think Iv’e read any of the books in this series before and I really should. Roz Chast was the editor of this year’s collection of graphic novels and comics. I was surprised how many of them I had read, but also slightly frustrated at how many of them were only excerpts which would drop you right in the middle of a story. Some, most, of them stood on their own but a few did not and I found them an odd choice for this volume.

Trace   book icon  
by Archer Mayor (2017)

read: 15 November 2017
rating: [+]
category: fiction

I was so busy this year I didn’t even note that Mayor had another book out. This one was heavier on the police wonk stuff (not in a bad way!) and lighter on relationship etc. stuff. Was happy to just get to watch the same old crew solve cases in Vermont so I enjoyed this.

f The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck   book icon  
by Mark Manson (2016)

read: 14 November 2017
rating: [0]
category: non-fiction

This book was fine. Blogger turned “entrepreneur” who seemed like he’d read Tim Ferris' Four Hour Work Week wound up writing a book that had enough going for it that it became a best seller. Go dude! It’s a fine book, not that eye-opening to people who have been down the self-help path before, but he’s got a really friendly manner and a very casual attitude that will resonate well with some people.

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