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A Great Reckoning   book icon  
by Louise Penny (2016)

read: 24 September 2016
rating: [+]
category: fiction

Another one in the Gamache series and one I liked a lot. A lot of depth to it and the usual dead ends but a lot of good Three Pines community stuff and not a lot of people you like being terrible to one another. Thumbs up.

Galore   book icon  
by Michael Crummey (2009)

read: 23 September 2016
rating: [+]
category: fiction

SO GOOD. This one was another by Crummey and more of an epic tale than Sweetland which was a bit of a “man vs. Nature” book. Loved the long rambling story about multiple generations of people in a down and out Newfoundland and some slightly fantastical things which happen within their community.

79 Short Essays on Design   book icon  
by Michael Bierut (2012)

read: 12 September 2016
rating: [-]
categories: non-fiction, unfinished

I was definitely not the target demo for this. Seventy-nine essays, each in their own font, about the inside baseball of the design world. Occasionally I could pick up something that was really interesting, but a lot of the rest of the time I just felt mired in design drama. Unfinished.

Sweetland   book icon  
by Michael Crummey (2015)

read: 30 August 2016
rating: [+]
category: fiction

Such a poignant story about an island community in Newfoundland that is being resettled and the people who are the last to go. This story is haunting both for the depth of emotions that are on display and also the tinge of magical realism that hovers around everything. A wonderful book.

The Changeling   book icon  
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder (1974)

read: 30 August 2016
rating: [+]
categories: fiction, ya

Found this book on a list of YA books that everyone should read and was surprised I’d never seen it. Was SO GOOD, one of those great “growing up” books about young kids who have a fantasy life in the woods, one is from a sort of “normal” family and one is ... not. Snyder really captures that whole thing of being a weird kid and wanting your own world where you can accomplish things and not just fit into the mold someone else made for you. I’m surprised I missed this book when it first came out.

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