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Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians   book icon  
by Brandon Sanderson (2007)

read: 15 June 2010
rating: [+]
categories: fiction, ya

Any book with evil librarians in the title is going to go right on my reading list. This was an enjoyable romp with a main character who swears he is unlikeable but who isn’t really. It’s the start of what will hopefully be a series of books of a vaguely magical kid, raised by normals, waging this sort of war where the evil librarians are the bad folks. It’s fun and sort of meta for a YA novel and I enjoyed it a lot.

Death on the Lizard   book icon  
by Robin Paige (2006)

read: 2 June 2010
rating: [-]
categories: fiction, unfinished

No idea why I couldn’t finish this but it just never got me going. Sort of historical fiction taking place in the Marconi era with a bunch of characters that I guess, from the footnotes, are from other novels. Between the flowery prose, the female character who had a muse that I was pretty sure was imaginary and the footnotes extolling me to read other books by the same author, I could not do anything with this book and evetually put it down.

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