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The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New

Rosenberg and her husband Bern Marcowitz started out their relationship with books as booksellers, but not just any booksellers; they had a bookstore in Manhattan that only sold dog books. New books and many old books, which became the subject of this book. The bookstore is now closed but they still deal books over the Internet and as such, still have occasion to find and repair old books. This book is a handy manual for people who are concerned with books' appearances for resale purposes, or who just want to know how best to clean their own old books. The advice is sensible and the authors do not shy away from telling you “you need to have this part done by a professional” if more major work needs to be done. The dog metaphor can be a bit overstated if you are not a crazy dog fan yourself [I am, so it’s fine with me] and the authors sometimes take on a “gentle reader...” tone that can obscure their actual message soemtimes but overall this was a worthwhile book that would have probably benefitted fom a few more pictures in some of the more complicated “how to” sections.