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Ultimate Prizes

What a strange book this was. I pulled it off of the booksale shelf at the library because it was a hefty paperback that sounded as if it would be a good story. It turned out to be a story about an archdeacon living in the UK who was going through a series of emotional crisises that required the assistance of other members of the church to help him sort it out. While not totally my cup of tea -- I find the workings of the church mystifying and not super compelling -- I did read it all the way to the end if only to find out what happened. The main character does a lot of soul-searching, visiting with memebrs of his family he has practically abandoned, and tries to get some perspective on his life which by all accounts he has made a shambles of. He’s not a very likable character, but his unraveling of his strange set of rationalizations and justifications about how he lives his life makes for interesting reading. Apparently there is a whole series of these books about religious life in England called the Starwatch series. While I probably won’t pick up another one of them, this one was an okay read.