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Courting Trouble

Scottoline always writes books with good plots and unlikable characters. I’m not sure if it’s just because I have different feelings about the legal profession or the law in general, or if we’re just diferent people, her and I. In any case, this book was no different. The plot was a somewhat interesting legal thriller. A lawyer’s stalker escpaes from prison and that same week the woman who she has housesitting for her gets killed in her house. The lady lawyer puts two and two together and goes underground -- since everyone thinks she’s dead -- to find the killer. The lady lawyer is, throughout the entire book, a complete pain in the ass. She ignores advice from friends, she obsesses about her footwear, she drives like a maniac and, of course, she comes out on top in the end. I spent too much time getting annoyed at the main character -- how many times was she told to stay put when she snuck out? -- to enjoy the rest of this book. Scottoline is a good writer but I am looking forward to her writing some better charactedrs.