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No More Shaves

Unlike almost every other graphic novel I have read recently, No More Shaves -- which is a collection of Duplex Planet comics -- was probably better in the short-form comics that are collected. Greenberger spent a lot of time working with the elderly who lived in nursing homes. He would talk to them about things [for example “what is gravity?” or "how do you feel about snakes?"] and let them ramble. Then he’d illustrate, or have others illustrate, their stories. Basically he’d omit the fact that the people telling the story were extremely old, in some cases a bit dottering, and just show the story. It’s a grand idea and fun to read along with. However, reading page after page of this in this collection, even though he mixes it up with a lot of other artists who do freaky things with the ideas, get tiring. The stories these men relate are sometimes narrative but more often stream of consciousness. They have absurdist appeal but sometimes are too abstract to usefully follow, for me anyhow. I’ve enjoyed the shorter comics more than I enjoyed reading a whole bunch of them at once.