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The Secret Life of Men

I pickied up this book thinking it was going to tell me some of the secrets of men, not wrap me up in some sort of “all men are wounded souls” new age talk. I’m sure that’s fine for some people. I honestly didn’t know this was a self-help book when I picked it up. The author is a well known psychologist from down under who is into the “men need to learn what it is to be a man” thing, along with Robert Bly and others I can’t remember now. This book is a quickie intro to that idea. It’s a bit on the touchie-feely side, has a lot of anecdotes about men getting in touch with themselves and bemoans our modern-day society for being a tough place for men to be men. It’s a bit on the simpering side and just was not my bag, but it sure was quick to read.