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Had Enough?: A Handbook for Fighting Back

If you know my political leanings than you probably know that I enjoyed this book. Carville is an admitted smartass, but he’s not afraid to make fun of himself as well as all the truly horrible people that make up the uber-right in American politics today. He has a sense of political history and doesn’t just spread his disdain along party lines. He’ll tell you who on the Republican team is worth a damn, and why, as well as which Democrats haven’t really been holding up their end of the deal. This book is short but packed full of political analysis that basically points out that George W Bush isn’t just not “our” kind of president, he’s actually one of the worst presidents in recent memory. Carville cites stats such as job creation, the deficit and health care and education figures to outline how the Bush administration has been systematically talking up social programs while essentially implementing policies that benefit only the rich and the super rich and give the finger to the poor and middle class. While he’s telling you all this he’s also making a lot of wisecracks, tossing in a bayou recipe or two, and giving you tips for how to win an argument with an ultraconsrvative as well as how to channel all the anger you probably feel into doing something constructive. Worthwhile reading for the election season.