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PC Annoyances

As someone who is pretty good with computers, I have a hard time with computer books because often I feel that they give people only one way of doing something when, depending on how people learn and use their computers, this may not be the best way. I was pleasantly suprised by this book. The author who is a long time writer/editor for PC world is comomfortable with computers but also well aware that many people aren’t. When he talks about dealing with an issue such as Real Player putting shortcuts on his desktop, he’ll offer many solutions that appeal to people with differing levels of skill. He’ll try to explain what causes the problem, why it’s hard/easy to fix, and how to fix it. He’ll even discuss problems that are unfixable but, in explaining why you can’t fix them, informs you about the way your computer works.

Bass does like to use applications to solve problems created by other applications, however, so if you’re not in favor of having a zillion little apps running around, this might not be the book for you. However, thi si his preferred solution to many small PC annoyances, and he’ll try to give you other ways to solve the issue if possible. The book doesn’t come with a CD but it comes with a web site with links to the download sites of all the applications [and Bass uses a URL shortener in the print version of the book so the web addresses are all easy to read and easy to use. Even if you think you’re pretty good with computers or [in my case] even if you don’t have a PC, this book is good at showing helpful ways of explaining computer errors and foibles and providing solutions in a way that even someone at the end of their rope can understand and enjoy.