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Attitude 2: The New Subversive Alternative Cartoonists

All too often, collections of work by graphic artists is either all art, or all interview with nothing in between. Ted Rall has done a great job combining the two in this collection of cartoonists, some who you may have heard of and some who you may not have. He does interviews with the illustrators on topics such as getting syndicated, getting noticed or not noticed, being weird or not weird and mostly asking them how they do what they do in a world that is not that appreciative of subversive folks of any avocation. He also reproduces pages of their work in big format so that you can read the words, appreciate the artwork, and even see a range of the artists' talents. It was interesting to read the words of Aaron McGruder [Boondocks] Max Cannon [Red Meat] and David Rees [Get Your War On] whose work I was familiar with. It was also great to discover artists who I didn’t know as well, or who I hadn’t heard of at all such as Mikhaela Reid, Emily Flake and Ward Sutton. Some of these folks are political and some are not but overall they care deeply about the work that they do and Rall shows it off to good advantage in these pages.