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When Raccoons Fall Through your Ceiling

Lopez works for Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Texas, or did, and her word goes when telling people how to deal with sick, injured or abandoned animals. her belief is that we have animals in our homes and yards because we have moved into their yard, and that we should learn to co-exist, not just try to keep all the animals away. To this end she has created this practical book of tips for living with animals, encoungerinag animals and helping animals when you come across one that is hurt or stranded. She dismisses many of the myths about how to treat animals -- that fawn you find alone in the field may be just fine as long as you don’t disturb it, this is normal deer behavior -- and tries to teach people when you can help and when you need to call in the professionals. Her advice ranges from how to keep the bears away, to how large a baby skunk has to be before it can live on its own to the best thing to feet baby birds. She’s practical, respectful of animals and people and has a sense of humor which it seems must be a prerequisite for a job like hers.