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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Everyone likes this book and I was no exception. It’s short enough to read in a weekend, or even a long afternoon and it’s so different from other books you’ve read, it stands alone in its class. The general outline is: the narrator is a boy with Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning autistic, and he is keeping notes on the strange thing that happened at his neighbor’s house, the murder of her dog. He is a strange boy and tends to freak people out with his flat affect and lack of cluefulness about normal social cues. As he is writing, we, the readers, get an idea of the actual story, the one that only someone with a fully functioning emotional range would pick up. The backstory, involving his mother and father and some cross-country travel, is also quite good. I’m not sure if everyone read this book the same way I did -- identifying much more with the narrator than anyone else in the book -- but I suspeect some did. Despite the fact that normal Aspergers kids don’t normally communicate like this one does [writing a book is really not something common] this book makes it easy for readers to make that leap of faith and get inside the head of the author, inasmuch as there is a head to get inside. The book is curious and stands alone as a quirky kind of tale.