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The Testament

It’s been more fun reading Grisham books on airplanes and vaction ever since he seemed to develop some sort of a conscience. His characters are still more often than not moneyed status- and brand-conscious high end pedigreed folk, but often there’s someone around who is not as well off. Often, also, this person turns out to be the moral conscience and sometimes their outlook is catching. In this way Grisham gets the best of both worlds. He still gets to talk money like it was going out of style -- what brands people wear, what high end cars, they drive, what private school they send their lids too -- but he can also eschew the value of such trappings by having positive characters who don’t care at all about that stuff. This book is, otherwise, a lot like his other ones. Rich guy dies leaving complicated will. Former fuckup lawyer gets saddled with picking up the pieces, learns a lesson, etc. No huge surprises, but a good read and it made my plane trip go much more quickly.