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by Patrick Lynch (1998)

read: 14 December 2004
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Another okay read from the “things to read on the plane” list. This one concerns antibiotic resitant bacterial infections, corrupt drug companies, and a do-gooder doctor who is trying to save patients in South Central Los Angeles, including his own daughter. This book is obviously well-researched and has a good point to make, namely that as drug companies don’t take responsibility for how their products are used, the drugs become misused leading to bad health problems and drug-resistant bacteria. However, too much of this message is explained in the form of mini-soliloquies by various characters and a lot of their exposition reads more like a term paper than any real way someone would talk. Add to that too many killings, too much inner city dialogue that rings false and not enough of a real plot and this book that was actually quite okay ceases to be better than that.

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