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A Few Perfect Hours

This was a pretty short well-illustrated graphic novel that seems to fall into the iceberg problem. Josh and his then-girlfriend now-wife Sari, took a trip through Southeast Asia and Central Europe early on in their relationship that has achieved some sort of totemic importance to them now. When recalling it ten years later, they remember that the stories were interesting and important, but perhaps not how to make them that way to people who haven’t been living together with them for the past ten years. I felt after reading about their adventures and Sari’s prologue where she worries about the pointiness of her nose, that they were sort of weird American neurotic tourists who would have annoyed the hell out of me. It was only when I got to the back of the book and saw the smiley happy picture of the two of them that I realized this book is much more about relationship moments than telling their story to the outside world. With that taken care of, I began to feel much more warmth for the characters than I did while they were telling their stories.