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The Librarian

I have read a lot of books with the word librarian in the titles. They’re usually written by librarians, in which case they’re usually fairly accurate, or they’re not in which case they are often laughable. This book is a grand exception. It’s a political mystery/thriller featuring one librarian primarily but with another librarian who helps out from time to time. The general theme is “The bad guys may be trying to steal the presidential election!” and the librarian for one of the possibly bad guys is in an awkward position of possibly having [or having access to] information that could help uncover the deception and save the free world.

It’s a good storyline, and what’s better is that the librarian character rings trup, to me anyhow. He’s a smart but reluctant hero and gets out of many tricky situations by using available resources and good problem-solving abilities, not super-strenght, dashing charm or nerves of steel. I liked him and enjoyed the story, setting and overall plot. An excellent read for all you librarians.