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Incidental Findings

More medical musings from doctors. This one reads a lot like Atul Gawanda’s book. Ofri is a doctor who works at Bellevue in NYC with some of New York’s less-insured people. Each chapter is a small essay about something she learned about people and human nature from her work with a really wide range of interesting people. The whole book is sort of sandwiched between the beginning and the end of her own story about being on the other side of the examining table as an expectant mother and then as a delivering mother. The insights are interesting, though some of them have a sort of “duh” feeling to it, where you think that if Ofri hadn’t been spending so much time reading medical books, she would already know certain things about the human experience. As an author she’s capable, but not amazing and comes off as just a bit self-indulgent throughout. If you like the NPR voice, you’ll know what I mean. If you like that voice, you’ll love this.