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I rarely do this, but I finished this book in its entirely only because I could not believe how terrible it was and I held out hope that it would have some redeeming characteristic by the end of it. It did not. It was a muddled mess. You could say that I should have known this by the jacket text which stated that it was based on a video game. In any case it was supposed to be about computers and technology but it basically wasn’t. It was a complicated international plot involving a lot of two dimensional characters, the top two of whom were involved in some sort of takeover bid fight with each other. One is the bad guy, one is the good guy, but both of them are in need of some serious personalities.

The writing in this book was quite possibly the worst I’ve read since I started keeping this list with lots of injected adjectives where they aren’t helpful and lots of clumsy foreshadowing and wretched dialogue. It reads like someone gave a plot outline to either a) a computer or b) a freshman composition student and said “make this into a book” I can’t say I was disappointed because I didn’t expect much, but I have enjoyed Tom Clancy’s earlier books -- it’s unclear who even wrote this one actually -- but I won’t be going near them again. The Amazon reviewer summed it up best “All-in-all a total waste of time. It should have been called mindless.com. ”