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Chasing the Dime

This story starts out with a smart rich guy who is in a new apartment because he’s just broken up with his smart rich girlfriend. He works in high end bio-computing work and runs his own company of smarties. But he has a secret past, and a troubled future because of the messages that keep being left on his ansering machine. Long story short, things get weird and then they get weirder. This book was a fast read but not a dumb one. The main character is a likable enough fellow who doesn’t make all the traditional “duh” mistakes right off the bat as he’s trying to unravel the mystery he is wrapped up in. The ending isn’t too foreshadowed and there are some fun twists to the story and not much of a mushy “save the girlfriend!” subplot. It’s worth checking out and not expecting too terribly much from and being pleasantly suprised.