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The Collectors

This book was on a popular reading table at the school I work at and I noticed it was about libraries. I guess Baldacci has a whole slew of these books and this one felt like being dropped in the middle somewhat. It’s a story about cons and rare books and libraries and Washington DC and killers and spies and double-crossers. It kept me interested while I was reading it but one of the main plot points didn’t wrap up and now I feel like I have to consider reading the sequel. I’m not totally sure I want to go all in with this particular series, though I enjoyed some of the scenes featuring the library and librarians and there are little fun parts for library lovers.

The Dog Dialed 911

I always go into reading books like this amazed at the things that I can obtain through the freedom of information act. The schadenfreude that I get from seeing the weird underside of a lot of people’s private lives in a distant second. I enjoyed reading this, I don’tt know if it was always funny but it was pretty much always interesting.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

A modern retelling of The Abortion with secrets and codebreaking. I enjoyed this book which I received as an Advanced Reader’s Copy. There are old mysteries and new mysteries and Google is as much a character in this story as the bookstore and the books themselves. It’s rare to get a book about books that both gets the appeal and the hold of the printed word and at the same time can describe the passion behind a lot of the technology that we interact with daily. Usually I find authors are steadfastly in one or the other “camp” and I was happy to see Sloan was not tipping his hand in that regard and able to write characters that lived firmly in both worlds. Curious to see what, if anything, he chooses to do with penvmbra.com

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Slightly more conflicted about this book than the previous one. Enjoyed it, but there were some weird dead ends and turns that didn’t make much sense. Our heroine gets breast implants? There is a missing sister who stays missing for the entire book? It’s all about freedom of the press? Enjoyed this but it was much more a Blomkvist story than a Sander story which is totally AOK but made it less fascinating to me.