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Elephants on acid: and other bizarre experiments

enjoying this well cited well categorized book of lots of different bizarre things people did in the name of science. This isn’t quite like the igNobels where it’s supposed to be pointing out just dumb waste of money things and it’s definitely not the Darwin awards because it’s not just full of people getting injured. The author finds a lot of very strange stuff and even if you’re someone in this strange stuff like me a lot of this will probably be new to you. Great bibliography in the back, well written, lots of fun to read.

Ghost In The Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

I couldn’t really do anything with this book. A lot of it seem to be going over the bad things that happen to Kevin Mitnick and him defending a lot of the stuff he did as not that big a deal, not his fault and a whole bunch of other stuff. I didn’t even really get up to the modern-day stuff I just found listening to his stories not particularly interesting. And I definitely don’t think of Mitnick as some sort of nasty criminal, but as a hacker he just seems kind of dull and uninteresting and out for number one which is himself in the course of most of this book. Maybe he gets more self-reflective later in the book but I couldn’t wait around to find out

Expiration Date

this book was so much fun. It’s kind of a straightforward time travel book, but with a couple twists that will keep people interested. This author is really good at creating very clever lengthy plots that go back and forth a number of different ways so that you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next. I’ve read some of his other books and they’re all very fast-paced and have a lot of interesting back-and-forth where the back-and-forth could be any number of different things. In this case it’s a guy who winds up being able to take a pill and go back in time to when he was really little and is sort of a ghost but not really. Hard to explain but worth reading.


I got to know Barry through his book Lexicon, and then read you some of his backlist. This is a really early book that I didn’t think I’d like from the description but it turns out it’s a really fun romp through corporate America, like a lot of his other books. You never quite sure what’s going to happen, and there’s a bit of a weird corporate breakneck pace to it that gets a little tiring but is sort of fun because there’s not really a whole bunch of violence in it.

The Mask

Another good book in the series. I found this one a little hard to follow towards the end because there were so many players with differing agendas and at the end I’m not totally sure if I knew what happened. More good Monroe emotionally working stuff out stuff and a lot more questions about the future of her relationship with Bradford. Definitely a lot less creepy than some of her previous books which I appreciated.

Salvatore 1: Transports of Love

An excellent graphic novel with tiny type about a dog who is looking for the love (dog) of his life, meanwhile there is a pig with a bunch of babies who is trying to get him to fix her car. Or something. Slightly absurd, very well illustrated and told, this book is a delight but sadly only part one of a series.