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Wool Omnibus

Everyone said this book was terrific and they were not wrong. I have no idea why it took me so long to read it. Sort of like that terrible dystopian movie which winds up with a bunch of crazy zombies, this is just about a community of people who live, who have always lived, in a 130+ story silo buried in the ground. Of course it’s never that simple and there is drama afoot. Howey does a great job writing a story that is gripping but also doesn’t fall back on all the old tired tropes we’re all so sick of.Can’t wait to read the next one.

The English Spy

Pulled this off right off of the “new” shelf at my library. It was decent, totally okay, but it’s one of those stories where there’s this incredibly hard-to-kill person and they move heaven and earth to try to kill them and it’s all crazy and there’s a huge build up and then something goes wrong and the hard-to-kill guy stays alive and the denoument is that he winds up being killed sometime later. I found the characters a little hard to follow and there was a lot of spycraft stuff that was not to my tastes. It’s easy to see why this guy is a popular writer and it’s possible I just need to start earlier in the series than the total end but it just didn’t grab me though it was fine reading for a train trip.

The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter

A random pick up from a library shelf, this is a book about a hit man for the Irish mob. Interesting and without some of the usual issues. Could use more female characters.

Yes, My Accent is Real

A fun collection of short essays a lot like Mindy Kaling’s. This is a lot less of some sort of memoir and a lot more like a collection of anecdotes from people who want to know more about where Nayyar came from and how he wound up marrying Miss India and getting on the Big Bang Theory.Light, easy to read, fun.

Pinky and Stinky

Fun and for kids, this short story about two intrepid piglets and their space adventure was fun and is worthwhile reading for anyone who enjoys Kochalka.