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The Tenth Justice

Finished with the five pack of Meltzer books I got (I think I had read one of them previously). Enjoyed it enough to finish it but again wound up scratching my head as to why I never really like any of his characters, especially not the main ones. Meltzer’s plots are enjoyable and tight but they get bogged down in way too much ACTION type stuff which is not that interesting (or, to me, well-written) and his later books get super-violent. This one wasn’t super violent except a big fight thing towards the end, and I guess I prefer my thrillers more thinky and less fighty.

Dead Even

Working my way through a bunch of Meltzer books on my Kindle. This one was maybe my least favorite. Gory and, as an Amazon reviewer put it, somewhat contrived. Read it to the end, there are some likable characters but neither of the main characters are them.

American On Purpose

Wrapping up my Kindle splurge with this book, another great comedian telling a “how I got to where I am now” story. Enjoyable. Ferguson is likeable and his life has been interesting. He’s been married a few times, had a serious drinking problem that he overcame and moved to America on purpose from his native Scotland because he just fell in love with it during a visit when he was a teenager. He tells his story with wit and charm and anyone who wants more of the stories you may have heard form the Late Late Show should read this.