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Teach Yourself Fucking

I’d wanted to own a copy of this book since I’d seen it on the shelves of Left Bank Books and finally go a copy for my birthday this year. It’s got a lot of little comics and clippings that resonate with me of being a very particular sort of Anarchist-Jew-NYC style that I found fun to read even though a lot of the general messages were tropeish (cops suck, government sucks, capitalism sucks) even if I agreed with them. Cover is the best part of the whole thing. Was good to get to engage with Kupferberg in this way.

Swimming with the Piranhas at Feeding Time

Totally enjoyed this collection of stories about the natural world (animals bugs and birds) but longtime nature writer Richard Coniff. While I would have appreciated a bibliography at the end--ever the librarian--these fun romps to various parts of the globe to learn things and do weird things and report back was a totally enjoyable read that I picked up on one of those hotel bookshelves when I had already finished my traveling book. Was very happy I picked it up. Learned important things about hummingbirds and piranhas and ants and leopards.