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Written in Fire

I really liked the first two books in this trilogy which I read without really knowing they were a trilogy but this one just fell flat. Instead of complicated stories about what you do with a new type of human it was just One Big War.

The Sudden Arrival of Violence

I think I would have been pretty bummed out to have to read these books one every year. As it was I got to read the whole Glasgow Trilogy in about a month. Enjoyed it.

How a Gunman Says Goodbye

Second in the series, liked it very much. Some of the ethics of this whole trilogy are going to depend on who winds up doing well and who winds up doing poorly (a la House of Cards, which people are the good guys...?) but I’m enjoying reading about small town Scottish mobsters for now.

All Star

Set in a small Vermont town this is a classic townie versus jock story that Lonergan does a great job at explaining and showing without telling you how to feel about it. As someone who lives in a small Vermont town and deals with some of the same issues, it rang really true to me.