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A group of people I know from online were listing books they had enjoyed that involved time travel. Many people recommended this one, but almost all of them added “the first part is great, the second part really sucks” That was not my impression, overall, I liked it.

The first part is the part where you learn all about the quantum physics that makes time travel possible, and the driven-and-high-paid company in New Mexico that is actually making time travel a reality. Cut to England where a team of decicated historians and anthropologists [yes, everyone is in some way “dedicated” in this book] are digging up the ruins of a castle... It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that they will be going back to the time when that castle was still standing [1300’s or so] and get involved in joustings, battles and all manner of Middle Ages intrigue. The book is a fun quick read, the science is over myhead but, as with all time travel books, made just accessible enough so that you’re not saying “Hey wait a second!” and, of course, there’s a big fight in it. Think Jurassic park with time travel and jousting instead of dinosaurs.