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Birdwatching in Vermont

Regional bird books are great. Not only can they tell you what a bird looks like and where you’re likely to see one, but in this book’s case, they even have a frequency map for all the 250+ birds that spend time in Vermont, showing how many of them are likely to be in the state in a given month. There’s an amazing amount of data in this book, including the aformentioned frequency maps, but also maps to the best birdwatching regiuons in the state, tips for buying binoculars and other birdwatching apparatus, and a lot of local bird stories such as the huge tower [or 'kettle'] of hawks that sometimes shows up over Mount Philo. The book is not a field guide, it’s a companion, meant to be read at home or consulted later, but it’s a great introduction to local birdwatching which is written in a very accessible and even humorous style.