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The Codex

Not to be confused with the book Codex, this action mystery is gripping enough to hold your attention, while not so challenging or cloying that you grow to hate it saying “just tell me how it ends already!” The story surrounds a gruff but likeable Dad who gets his three sons together ostensibly because he is dying. When they get to his home, they find that he’s left and taken all the fine art and other pieces that he had collected after a lifetime of grave robbing and other less-than-honorable collecting. The sons, who don’t often buddy around together, need to team up to find the Dad and the Dad’s loot. It reads like a screenplay and in fact the writer has written other books that became successful films. The search for the loot takes the three sons on a grueling trip through dense Central American jungles and rivers and is fun to read for the scenery alone. Light reading but really much better than a lot of the trade paperbacks out there.