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Killer Smile

I picked this up because it was a mystery novel that was also loosely about Italian-American internment camps in the US during WWII. I know next to nothign about these so I figured I’d pick up the book and learn some. The newsy bits of this book were good. However the whole chick-law-firm angle wasn’t as interesting. Too much brand-name consciousness that never resonates with me [oh that woman is wearing XYZ brand shoes, does that mean she is high class or low class?!] becomes tiresome. Additionally, the red herring random threatening unhinged male character received the unlikely nickname premenstrual Tom which, to me, was the height of ridiculous, as if to say “see we’re women here, this is the language of women!” I can’t see any good reason to give anyone a nickname that is four times as long as their actual name. It seems contrived and flat, as did a lot of the rest of this book. Good for the history, not great for anything else.