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Fatal Voyage

I know I’m in trouble with a book when I leave the review til later and can then remember nothing about it. This was actually a pretty okay book but it just didn’t stick with me. It’s in the vein of the Kay Scarpetta novels, only with slightly less memorable characters and slightly less subtle writing. The doctor/forensics stuff is about the same, but combined with the other two characteristics, it just didn’t totally do it for me. The story is an interesting tale of a plane crash in a mountainous area that tips off investigators to a mysterious cabin with an odd history. The plot takes its inevitable turn for the bizarre which is foreshadowed with somewhat plodding mechanism. When the investigator’s friend starts telling her about the trip she took to France, you can tell you’re being set up with clues for later. Reichs is a fine author and this is a fine book, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to read her in the future.