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Incriminating Evidence

This was a decent book in one of those genres where you can’t remember the name of the book because all of the titles are more or less the same. This is one of a series about a married and then divorced but still sleeping together pair of lawyers who works out of San Francisco. My favorite thing about the book is the attention to San Francisco details. Since I know my way around some of the locations they are referring to, it was fun to get to visualize where they were talking about. This story was also detail-rich in other ways a lot of characters who are mostly decent complicated people -- i.e. very few two-dimensional villains -- and a plot that goes in and out and up and down. This story does have an internet aspect to it which is amusing since so much has changed since 2002 when it was written. Overall: liked it, didn’t love it, would probably read other books by this author if I were looking for a vacation/plane book again.